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Basic Rules

The Basics

  1. You may swear, but refrain from excessive and direct insults. Basically, don't run around insulting people.
  2. Instant kick offense: Homophobic or racial slurs while out of character.
  3. Instant ban offenses: Spawn block, prop spam, toolgun spam, mass extremely random RDM (rooftop sniping everyone etc).
  4. You may not prop climb. You may, however, use RP entities such as shipments, becki-boxes or even printers, to climb.
  5. Wire & E2 must be used to aid RP in realistic manner, fading doors and the usual stuff. Any E2 deemed to be abusive may be removed.
  6. Please have a valid, roleplay centric reason for demoting people.
  7. 'I'm building' is not a reason to propblock, leaving your base open should make people see you have no valuables. Prop blocks may be removed by admins.
  8. Do not Fading Door Abuse. This refers to when you use a button, wire etc.. to quickly close a fading door again after being cracked. Fading doors must stay open at least 8 seconds (see below for more details)
  9. One way props are only allowed when covering MAP windows, see the base rules for more information.
  10. Votes, sales and any form of RP involvement has to be done through /advert and not through OOC.
  11. Do not use any form of command (eg: kill/suicide, change job) to avoid a RP situation.
  12. Physgun beams must be visible.
  13. Having illegal items makes all your items classified as contriband. IE: You have two printers and an ammo shipment. Police can take everything, not just the printers.
  14. There is no need to /advert raid, mugging, or kidnapping. Doing so may see you wanted/warranted by police.
  15. Do not play ear-rape music on radios, this includes within the PD.
  16. StupidWeasel (STEAM_0:1:24400282) is a meta creature and inhabits a different plane of existance to normal players. He does not exist in a roleplay sense & can (most of the time) be safely ignored.
  17. Finally and most importantly, play nice & have fun!